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The perfect color match across devices

MAÏDOTEC software solutions are designed to satisfy the highest color precision and fidelity requirements.

At any stage during graphic production, from first to last, the MAÏDOTEC Suite assists you to optimally reproduce colors on all type of devices (printers, TVs and computer displays, tablets and smartphones, projectors, ...).

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Fully understand color management

The MAÏDOTEC Suite allows you to understand and control all aspects of color management:

  1. Forsee how colors will evolve along the production flow.
  2. Identify what causes a color quality loss.
  3. Calibrate and characterize any type of device and create high precision profiles.
  4. Intuitively design color transforms and Device Link profiles.
  5. Automatically modify large collections of images.

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Productivity increase

MAÏDOTEC solutions are highly adaptable to respond to your speficic needs and production flow.

Thanks to high precision profiles, you will be able:

  • Simulate illuminants and visualise colors under various lightings
  • Optimize images for different devices
  • Reduce the number of test-prints necessary to achieve good results
  • Save printer consumables
  • Obtain quickly the desired colors

Light Simulation

A unique solution

Working with colors made easier
Communicate colors reliably

MAÏDOTEC brings together in a unique solution:

  • Calibration and characterization of devices
  • Soft-proofing
  • Color quality control
  • Image edition and color adjustment

The MAÏDOTEC Suite is multi-plateform and selfcontained:

  • it gives coherent results across OSs (PC, Mac)
  • it has its own built-in color management engine (CMM)